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If you work for EAP at Optum or are a dependent of someone who does, use this process to activate your no-cost counseling benefit

EAP benefits apply to Wells Fargo employees and their eligible dependents only. If an ineligible individual gains authorization fraudulently, intentionally misrepresents a material fact regarding an ineligible individual, or a previously eligible dependent who no longer meets applicable eligibility requirements utilizes services, the following consequences apply:

  • Coverage for that individual will be terminated, and coverage termination may be effective retroactively to the last day of the month in which that individual ceased to meet applicable eligibility requirements.
  • The employee may be required to repay all costs incurred by the plan that are associated with the ineligible individual’s coverage during the time period in which that individual did not meet applicable eligibility requirements.
  • The employee may be subject to other corrective action, including termination of employment.
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