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Join the committee to help improve your benefits

OptumHealth Behavioral Solutions of California (OHBS-CA) leads a Public Policy Committee, and we are looking for new members.

When you join our committee, which includes mental health specialists from our network, you will:

  • Meet every three months with other committee members
  • Offer suggestions to the Board of Directors for changes to policies and procedures
  • Recommend actions OHBS-CA may pursue to improve the quality of care and service
  • Provide insights and offer suggestions for improving your mental health benefits, in general


If you’d like to be a part of the committee, please contact OHBS-CA at

Algunos estados nos exigen notificar a los miembros o futuros miembros ciertos derechos o beneficios del plan que puedan aplicarse. Para ver otros avisos exigidos por el estado, visite

Aviso para Suscriptores del Plan de Salud Conforme a la Ley sobre Paridad en cuanto a Salud Mental y Adicciones (Mental Health Partiy and Addiction Equity Act, MHPAEA) de Maryland Para obtener información completa sobre el beneficio de salud mental, consulte su Certificado de Cobertura (COC, por sus siglas en inglés) y su Plan de Beneficios, o comuníquese con su proveedor de atención de la salud. Además, puede consultar el sitio de internet de la Administración de Seguros de Maryland: [en inglés].



Senate Bill No. 1085

This bill went into effect 1/1/16 and expands the services certain health insurance policies must cover for mental and nervous conditions. By law, a policy must cover the diagnosis and treatment of mental or nervous conditions on the same basis as medical, surgical, or other physical conditions (i.e., parity). Review Senate Bill No. 1085.

Below are the non-traditional behavioral health services included in this bill that Optum will now cover under the outpatient mental health benefit for plans mandated by this bill ie: fully insured commercial plans, sitused in the State of CT and State of CT employees. All of these services do require prior authorization both in and out of network.

  • Intensive, home-based services addressing specific mental or nervous conditions in a child while remediating problematic parenting practices and addressing other family and educational challenges that affect the child's and family's ability to function;
  • Intensive, family- and community-based treatment programs that focus on environmental systems impacting chronic and violent juvenile offenders.

Senate Bill No. 811

Information for Members in Connecticut Insurance Plans: Surprise Bills

Out-of-Network Costs for Members in Connecticut Insurance Plans



Maryland Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA) Healthplan Subscriber Notice

For full mental health benefit information please refer to your Certificate of Coverage (COC) and Schedule of Benefits, or contact your healthcare provider. In addition, you may refer to the Maryland Insurance Administration website:

2018 State of Maryland Behavioral Health Services Expense Forms

2017 State of Maryland Behavioral Health Services Expense Forms


New York:

  • Information for Members in New York Insurance Plans: Emergency Services and Surprise Bills - What to do if you receive a surprise bill from an out-of-network provider
  • Claim Submission Information for Members in New York Insurance Plans