Finding, Selecting & Working with a Mental Health Provider

Please note: This search tool is available to the public, potential enrollees, enrollees/members and providers by clicking the free behavioral health provider search tool link below. If you are a member, you may enter the Member Area anonymously using your access code at right or register/sign in above for secure access to information specific to your health plan benefit package.

Congratulations. You are taking a positive step by deciding to seek help. Successful treatment is available for most problems. Get the support you need to live your life to the fullest. If you are helping a loved one find care here, thank you for understanding the importance of recovery and resiliency. Although depression and other mental health and substance use disorders are common, the stigma still exists and needs to be ended so individuals can reach out to get the care they need.

Search for mental health providers near you

Click here to use our free behavioral health provider search toolextweb.

Please note: This search tool is available to the public, potential enrollees, enrollees/members and providers by clicking the free behavioral health provider search tool link above. If you are a member, you may enter the Member Area using your access code or register/login to access information specific to your health plan benefit package.

You'll fill in your zipcode or city and state and then provide preference choices. Results list links to more information on each provider, including a map to the office.

Applied Behavior Analysis

When searching for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) providers, please search under both "Find a Facility" and "Find a Provider" and follow further instructions on each page.

Remember to confirm that this is a covered benefit and get approval prior to setting an appointment.

Select the provider that has the experience to help you

What Types of Providers are Available?

There are a number of Provider types that specialize in the treatment of mental health and substance use issues. A description and distinction of each provider type and the services provided in the links below [turn off your pop-up blocker to see these]. Certain treatments may not be covered in some benefit plans. Please check your benefits.

How do you choose?

One of the most important factors in addressing your mental health concern is finding a provider you trust. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to ensure the provider you select is right for you. If possible, you want to choose a provider that works with your health plan or Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) to minimize or eliminate any cost to you. Know if your benefit package requires you to get approval to see a provider. Click here to learn more about pre-approvals. We check the credentials of all providers in our network and provide you with quality indicators, too. Look for blue stars next to a provider's name when using our Provider Search Tool.

Consider Qualities That are Important to You

For instance, what type of background or areas of expertise would you prefer that the provider have? Would you prefer a male or female provider? Would you be more comfortable with a provider who shares your cultural background? Should your provider be close to your home or to your work?

Assess Quality or Review Experience

What are the provider's credentials? What is the provider's philosophy or approach? Be assertive in voicing any of your questions about your treatment.

Consider Using a Network Provider

We review the background and practice of each provider before including them in our network. We check credentials regularly, and make sure we share the latest scientific information about behavioral health disorders and treatment best practices. Also, when you see a network provider, you pay only a modest copayment and don't have to file a claim; the Network provider files it for you. If you see an out-of-Network provider, you will need to file the claim. Our members can easily do that online from our site after they register/login. After entry, click "Claims & Coverage" in the "Quick Links" box. If you are seeing a provider as part of your Employee Assistance Plan (EAP), there is no charge to you but you may need to pre-certify your visit. Members can do that online from the "Quick Links" box too or call us.

Contact Us for a Referral

Chemistry is key to having a positive relationship with your provider. If you are a member and are unable to find a provider that is right for you through our online tool, contact us and we will help you find someone whose training, background and expertise fit your preferences and needs. Your Member support phone number is on our web site after you enter with your access code or register/login. If you feel that the provider we referred is not right for you, call us back and we'll help you find another provider who meets your needs. It is also a good idea for you to call OptumHealth/UBH before receiving care, as some benefit plans require you to get a pre-authorization before treatment.

Once You Have a Name

Call. If you can talk with the person directly for a few minutes, confirm that they have experience working with people with your type of concerns. You can ask about their approach to working with people. If you feel comfortable, ask to make an appointment.

In reality, you probably will get their receptionist. Ask if they are taking new patients and how soon you could get an appointment. Ask if there is anything special you should bring to the first appointment. (They'll probably just tell you to bring your insurance card!) Get directions to the office and parking information too if you need it.

Many benefit plans require you to call OptumHealth/UBH to obtain authorization before you obtain services. Services that have not been authorized as required by your benefit plan will not be eligible for reimbursement. UBH will authorize services and clinicians that are appropriate given your unique circumstances and your benefits (the clinician may be different from those you've looked up).

Some of these professionals have very busy schedules. If you have a pressing need, be sure to voice this when you call or have your doctor contact them first. And of course, if you are having an emergency, call 911 or go to the emergency room of your local hospital.

Learn how to prepare for your first visit and how you will work together

It's always good to be prepared for your first appointment. After talking, you can ask what kind of treatment plan they think is best for you. If you like the clinician and the way they work, great. Sometimes you need to talk with several clinicians to find someone you are really comfortable with. It is worth the effort.

Video Stories of Hope

Video Stories of Hope

Real stories of people living in recovery with emotional and mental conditions: treatment decisions and options, the recovery journey, and how others can support them during recovery. Click here to watch these stories of hope.

For Adults —

For Kids —

For Teens —

Now what?

Hopefully you find a provider that's right for you. You begin to feel better and are able to live your life to the fullest. If you are a Member (your benefits are with OptumHealth, United Behavioral Health or one of our partner organizations), you and your family can use your access code or register/login to access the Member side of this site.

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To help everyone manage their mental health, we provide a number of Prevention Programs to help you screen for Depression, Alcohol or Drug Abuse and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyper-Active Disorder).

*Resources and information available to you on may vary depending on your benefit.

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