Video Voices of Hope

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The stigma of mental health can make it hard for people to seek treatments that can change their lives. Most mental conditions can be successfully treated today with a combination of treatments. People can live in recovery and live fulfilling lives. Hear real people talk about deciding to seek treatment, what happens in treatment and the power of peer support. These are heart-felt stories of courage and hope. We thank everyone for sharing.

Recovery and resiliency are series of small steps. Each one is part of a journey and each should be appreciated. The power to change is in each one of us. Live your life to the fullest.

Take strength from these real stories, check out the articles below or use our free mental health clinician search tool. Community support organizations and peer support groups can help you take the first steps.

Video Voices of Hope

Deciding to Seek Help

Jill's Story

Jill: Therapy is a Critical Part of the Healing Process
Heck yah! Life will look different and you can make changes in your life working with a therapist. Click here to watch this video.

Family & Friends: How to Support Recovery

Gregory's Story

Gregory: Don't Assume You Know What Someone Needs
Be supportive and listen. Honor their boundaries and encourage them to be responsible for their own recovery. Click here to watch this video.

What Happens in Treatment

Doug's Story

Doug: What Happens on Your First Visit to a Psychiatrist
It usually starts with a discussion of symptoms and a mental health assessment. Don't wait because your journey will only become more difficult. Click here to watch this video.

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